Bilateral Photonics Innovation Workshop

Bilateral Photonics Innovation Workshop
Sunday, June 24, 2018 Rothberg Engineering Building, Room B-221 Edmund J. Safra (Givat Ram) Campus, The Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel
Chaired by Prof. Dan Marom,
Applied Physics Department, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Technological innovations are continuously introducing novel applications that greatly influence the way humans interact, make decisions and conduct business. Photonics is a major driver in the technology sector, enabling efficient communication, computation, sensing, imaging, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. These applications demand not only scientific breakthroughs and engineering skills to utilize, but also a collaborative network where scientists and engineers can interact, exchange ideas, and jointly conduct the R&D work to accelerate and facilitate the introduction of new technology and applications. Within the Italy and Israel bilateral project INCUBAte ANd DO  a new technological Incubator has been established at the beginning of 2018 in L’Aquila city, Italy. This second workshop in Israel, following the first one in Italy, will bring together scientists, economists, incubators and institutions from both countries. The focus mainly regards active projects and available infrastructures, research activities and funding opportunities for start-up companies.

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